1. Voucher is valid for all online purchases.
2. Voucher is not exchangeable for cash and is non-refundable.
3. No reissue or reimbursement for any lost or void voucher.
4. Voucher can only be used once.
5. We will not be liable to you for any loss and/or damages of any kind suffered in connection with:
a. Your purchase, redemption and/or use of the Voucher;
b. Your inability to use the Voucher due to lost or forgotten or void or as a result of your giving the wrong contact information; or
c. The use of the Voucher by any person(s) not authorised or approved by you.
6. We reserves the right at our absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions and/or substitute or replace the Voucher with another product or program of equivalent value from time to time without any prior notice.
7. By redeeming the Voucher, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as Our Policy, details please refer to Our Policies.



What is RV Voucher?
RV Voucher is an electronic voucher where its value is NOT fixed or specified. Voucher value will vary according to situation. Multiple RV Voucher can be used at the time of order and any unused balance will remain in your Voucher Account. RV Voucher is good on any purchase amount and it is non-transferable.

How do I get my RV Voucher?
RV Voucher will be issued if there is a refund to you, regardless of the amount of refund, including overpayment or good returns refund. Voucher value will be the amount refunded.

On normal working days, RV Voucher will email to you within 48 hours after completion of the purchase or returns procedure and may take longer time during weekend.

How do I redeem my RV Voucher?
Enter your voucher code in ^Credit Available ̄ field at Payment Information page during checkout and click the ^Redeem ̄ button. The voucher will be validated and if you have a valid voucher the amount will be added to your Voucher Account.

If you have funds in your Voucher Account, an extra check box will now appear above the ^Redeem ̄ button. To actually use this balance towards the payment total, simply ticking this box will apply those funds in your Voucher Account.

Amount of voucher deducted will showed at Order Confirmation page, thereafter; follow the step to complete the ordering process. You only have to pay the balance for your purchase.

To successfully redeem your voucher, you must complete the online ordering process; if you do not, the voucher balance will be saved in your Voucher Account and there is not need to re-enter the voucher code again during your next visit.

RV Voucher is non-transferable and attach to your account so that only you can redeem. We will not process any order places if the account ID and the RV Voucher code does not match our record.

What is the expiry date of my RV Voucher?
RV Voucher has no time limit; it is valid from the issue date until redeemed.

What if my RV Voucher is lost or stolen?
You must ensure that your RV Voucher is always in safe hands. We accept no responsibility for lost or stolen vouchers. However, at our sole discretion, we may re-issue the voucher provided it has not yet been redeemed.

Can I pass my RV Voucher to anyone else like my family or friends?
No. RV Voucher is non-transferable therefore it cannot be utilized by your family or friends. 

What if I didn't receive my e-mail containing RV Voucher?
If you are eligible for RV Voucher but do not received it, please check you spam folder in you mailbox, there could be possibilities that your inbox is full or blocked or email address is invalid.

To ensure proper delivery of our email, please add shop@beauty360degrees.com to your address book or provide us another valid email, otherwise our email will not be able to reach you.

I wish to cancel an order paid for by RV Voucher; can I still use it at next order?
No. However, once your order has been cancelled, we will email you a new RV Voucher with same value.

I wish to return an order paid for by RV Voucher; can I still use it at next order?
No. All returns are subject to Our Returns Policy, please see Our Policies. The amount paid by RV Voucher will refund in RV Voucher with same value and the remaining amount after minus the necessary returns expenses will refund by Cheque.

Who do I contact should I encounter a problem with RV Voucher?
Please forward your problem in details to shop@beauty360degrees.com, our Guest Support team will make every attempt to clarify your issue as soon as possible.


      Revised On 29/04/2013